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Sunday Suits

Do you remember the days as a child when you had one good set of clothes to be used ONLY on a Sunday for Church? when you didn’t have a care in the world and didn’t give a thought what tomorrow might bring? If so you will probably connect with this song by Brian. Enjoy and remember!

Lay Me Down

Here is a previously unheard track LAY ME DOWN with the video depicting band members past and present. Is is a small thank you to the huge contribution made by these guys and girls to Brian’s music both live and in the studio. We hope this brings back some great memories for you too. Enjoy.

Still Feels Like Just Yesterday

Brian celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary recently and wrote this song for his wife MJ. THE FIRST TIME recalls the first buds of love and how a song SCENES FROM AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT by Billy Joel became their song remaining so to this day. We hope you have a listen and enjoy the track. Click the Pic and enjoy.

Can We Help You?

The Hardest Time

I have always had an ‘old time sad country song’ in my mind but never got around to putting it together, however with the loss of good friends, and huge supporters of my music, over the last few months, I thought the time was right to finalise my idea.

The song THE HARDEST TIME is about loss and despair of those left behind when a loved one passes. Hopefully it conveys at least some of the feelings of trying to cope alone after so many good times together.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share it with your friends, as I think it touches a subject all of us are unfortunately familiar with.

Lest We Forget

On this Remembrance Day 2017, here is a song I wrote after reading a newspaper article about Jane Ford, mother of Ben Ford who sadly on 5 September 2007 became the youngest British soldier to die on active duty in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was just 18 years old. I read how one day he had asked his mother to accompany him into town and on doing so led her to the Army recruiting office where he had obviously been previously and, due to him being only 16 years of age, required his parent’s authority to sign up.

Jane was not overly keen however Ben told her it was what he wanted and it was ‘his way forward’, a phrase which struck home with me, as my own son and his friends used that same phrase for just about everything from the new Ronaldo boots to the latest McDonalds burger!!!

Ben convinced his mother and he signed up. Two years later he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country under foreign skies.

In the interview she gave following his death I was taken by her courage, pride and resolve. I wrote the song not for Ben, but for her and all the families who have lost loved ones in conflicts past and present.

The video shows a small number of young lives lost in action. B

Angel Room Baby

The Brand New Album