Angel Room Baby
The Brand New Album

A true labour of love, with a little blood, sweat and tears thrown in for good measure.

Song Notes

This Time

Opening song on the album with a ‘modern Nashville’ feel. I wrote this song alongside another song ‘Nineteen Again’ which was a success for my friends RAINTOWN. Both of these have strong storylines of young girls and what fate has in store for them.

Hillbilly Heaven

A tongue in cheek observation of the ‘BroCountry’ scene using all the clichés I could think of. My favourite lines refer to

the ‘motel backroom where you can take your pick of Daisy Duke lookalikes…… thought that was pretty cool.

A Fool I know

I included this song as a reminder of how plagiarism has always been around in the songwriting business. A great  feel

to the chorus with a storyline of trying to deal with a lost relationship. You may recognise the verse as country star

David Nail’s ‘Clouds’, released AFTER this song was submitted to HIS record label, not bitter!!!!

Revival Tent

Cajun style backdrop to story of repentance and born again travelling preachers. Had Los Lobos in mind writing this. Dodgy squeezebox playing, sorry Dan and Marty, Skerryvore wont be shaking in their boots!

Coming Home

Also known as ‘Already Gone’, the first serious song on the album. Dedicated to the mother of Private Ben Ford who at his time of death was the youngest British soldier to give his life for Queen and Country in Afghanistan. It was her interview I read when she spoke of her son’s argument that joining the Army was ‘The Way Forward’, a phrase I heard my own son use as a matter of course for most things, important and trivial, that inspired this song.

Sunday Suits

I grew up in the age of  ‘Sunday Suits’, a term used for the clothes you were made to wear for Church and taken off you on your return, putting back on your ‘rags’! As a 6 year old my best friend Angela Mooney and I dreamed of great things playing kids games like cowboys and Indians, pirates, etc. without a care in the world. She grew wings and flew and today she is a consultant surgeon whilst I write songs! For you Angela.

It’s Only Love

An observation on a failed marriage and the effect it has.  The message hopefully is there is much more to life than struggling with a relationship that is fatally flawed. A ‘gentle’ wake up call.

Lay Me Down

Each time I hear this  I think of all the great times I spent on the road with all those that passed through the LoneSharks Orchestra. Lifetime memories with some of the best guys and girls you could meet. Alan Scobie’s piano in this always hits me. Think I want this played at my funeral!

A Hundred Thousand Kisses

For Amy.

The Hardest Time

The most ‘traditional’ country sounding track on the album. A story of trying to cope with losing a loved one. Much requested song in the live set.

Real Bad Good To Go

Offbeat rhythm with ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ storyline, anyone like Little Feat?

Another Place

Closing song on the album. In a particularly difficult time in my life, I relied heavily on my dog Belle to get me through. I lost her in a road accident which still haunts me to this day.

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